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We are a small and independent Kailash tour trekking operator in Nepal and Tibet who strive to offer high quality and personalized services at affordable price. We specialize in Mount Kailash region where we have a wealth of experience and deep knowledge. Each of our Kailash tour itineraries are meticulously designed and tested by our tour experts. Our tours are conduct in small groups, led by honest, friendly, English speaking guides and leaders with years of experience in this flied. We are a fully licensed and one of the best travel companies in Kathmandu for Kailash trips recommended on TripAdvisor and Lonely planet.
Our mission is to share Kailash tour experience in an authentic, respectful and environmentally friendly manner with pilgrims from around the world.
Kailash tour team at our company is made up of experienced leaders, guides, drivers, cooks and helpers who are dedicated to meeting your needs. We stand ready to handle all aspects of your visit to the sacred mountain with our extensive knowledge of the region, experience, respect, humor, good will, first class equipment, and flexibility. Your health and safety are primary concerns.
Our Kailash tour packages can originate in Kathmandu, Simikot or Lhasa, it can range from 1 week to a month in duration depending on your wishes & goals. We can handle all aspects of your journey including obtaining visas, route permits, transportation and hotel accommodations. Let us help make your visit to scared mountain your trip of a lifetime. Please call or email us. We will be happy to answer your questions or develop your itinerary. Once you book your trip with us, your comfort and happiness is our responsibility!

Kailash Tour Reviews

Tibet and Mt Kailash - Another World

We did a 15 day trip to Tibet with Alpine Eco trek from Kathmandu going through Lhasa, Everest Base Camp and the Mt Kaialsh Kora. It was an amazing experience and very ...

Chirs, Julie, and Philip , Melbourne, Australia

Mount Kailash Trip - August 2016

Most amazing travel company in Kathmandu, we just completed a successful trip to Mount Kailash with Alpine Eco Trek. We were a group of 13 people. What can I say about Mr. Ram Kumar and his crew? A short paragraph will not do them justice, amazing, genuine....

Renuka Dhar, United States of America

Kaialsh Mansarovar Fixed Departure Tour for 2017

Join us on our small group departure dates to Mount Kailash: an adventure overland tour to the most sacred mountain and the pristine lake in the far west of Tibet that gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Tibet and ancient traditions of spirituality along the friendship highway.

Departure Dates for 2017

Months Fixed Departure Dates Inquiry Now 
May 20 Arrive in KTM, 22 Fly to Lhasa Booking open
June 03 Arrive in KTM, 05 Fly to Lhasa FULL MOON Trip, 27 arrive in KTM, 29 Fly to Lhasa Booking open 
July 03 Arrive in KTM, 05 Fly to Lhasa FULL MOON Trip 19 Arrive in KTM, 21 Fly to Lhasa Inner Kora Booking open
August 01 Arrive in KTM, 03 Fly to Lhasa FULL MOON Trip 12 Arrive in KTM, 14 Fly to Lhasa Booking open
September 01 Arrive in KTM, 02 Fly to Lhasa FULL MOON Trip 13 Arrive in KTM, 15 Fly to Lhasa Booking open

Note: Red highlighted dates are full moon trips to Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar.

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Latest Video of Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar Yatra from Kathmandu, Nepal

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Kailash Tour Information

Travel Information

Mount Kailash is a black peak in the Kailash Range, which forms part of the Trans-Himalaya in Tibet China. It lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia: the Indus River, the Sutlej River, the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River. Mt. Kailash...

Health Pre-Caution for Kailash Tour

Normally, at higher altitude area in Tibet including Kailash and Manasarover Lake, the amount of oxygen is less. Certain illness such as loss of appetite, mild headache, nausea, tiredness, breathlessness, general uneasiness, high irritability, light loss of balance, disorientation, incoherence and....

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