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We are Kailash tour operator agency in Nepal and Tibet offer great deals to our customers in order to make their travel more efficient and affordable. We specialize in offering our customers with the best pilgrimage tours, especially in the Mount Kailash region. Alpine Eco Trek ensures high-quality services working closely with our professional and experienced team, who have been working in organizing, managing, and monitoring tours to Mt. Kailash in Tibet for two decades now.
We believe in filling our own group of the team with enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards the customers and their work at first, which definitely results in a satisfied and happy customer. We are an authorized company (Reg.No: 132938/071/072) with an optimistic nature, willing to push our boundaries to reach our potentials. We prefer small groups (not more than fifteen tourists) to almost every holy Yatra including Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, which ensures that each and every person in the group is well attended. The key goal of our tours is to ensure quality, transparency, and consistency of the journey. In the month June and July, which are the most favorable and high season to Mount Kailash, we might have to take different other groups at the same time. Even then, we do not compromise on the service that we provide, and make sure every customer of ours is happy and satisfied.

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After years and years of experience with tourists, adventurous trails, and holy tours, our company has the knowledge, experience, techniques and proper security that ensures a trouble-free, comfortable, and happy and a pleasant holiday to all its customers who bestow their belief and trust on us. We provide a friendly environment and a well-managed tour ensuring tons of cherished memories to bring back from the journey.
We aim to provide the best spiritual and religious tour service in the most sacred sites to our valued customers promptly and exclusively. Our company truly believes in promoting the culture, spiritual growth and beliefs that these sacred sites hold within itself. We are committed to forming small groups, craft well-prepared itineraries and provide enthusiastic travel guides to accompany our customer throughout their tour.
Our other services include trekking in Nepal, peak climbing in Nepal, tour in Nepal, horse riding holidays in Nepal, hotel booking, air ticketing, visa service, Muktinath tour, Manakama tour, Nagarkot tour and Chitwan Pokhara tour in car/van/jeep/bus transport and East Tibet tours treks that we arrange for you for your great tour.

Choose Alpine Eco Trek & Travel Pvt. Ltd. Because:

Our extreme knowledge and personalized service will create a more interesting and adventurous holiday for you.
Our courteous service will not end with your booking, but is maintained throughout your trip.
The most important consideration for safe, enjoyable holy journey is meticulous preparation. In this regard, nobody equals the dedication of Alpine Eco Trek & Travel.
Our experienced team leader, guides, helpers and cooks pay cautious attention to arrangements for travel, the preparation of delicious, healthy food and strict rules of hygiene. Our crew is well paid; our tours are insured and properly equipped.
We prefer a maximum of 20 per group and are happy to arrange tours for individuals and small group of your family, friends and business mates.
All clients are met at the airport and - left to us - transfers are stress free.
We provide you with clear details of the cost of your tour so that you are fully aware of any extra expenses that may be incurred. No hidden costs!
We encourage suggestions from our clients and use them to constantly improve our services.


We pre-inform and train you on the things or equipment needed for the trip, terrain, climate, local faith, and cultures, etc. to ensure that there is no obstacles or difficulties that our customers face afterward. Our guides have been trained in such a way that they are well prepared on the mountain safety and first aid procedures, in case of any difficulties on the way. You will be well-trained for the high altitude sickness, making sure that you don’t feel discomfort in high altitudes. We are in constant communication with our field staffs and monitor all aspects of policy and whether that may affect your trip. We are just a call away from you (+977 98510 36844) and at a 24 hours service. Alpine Eco Trek & Travel has one of the best safety records anywhere and our experienced guides will take good care of you during the holy Yatra.

Food & Meals:

Keeping the hygiene and health of our customers is one of the prior concerns of Alpine eco-trek. We serve trekkers with timely and fresh food during the journey to Mount Kailash. We will be offering you with varieties of Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepali as well as Indian meals during the Yatra. Beverages to keep the trekkers warm in the uplands are also available including coffee, hot chocolate, tea and Nepali Tea (Milk Tea). We will be serving our customers with organic food that is free of artificial chemicals and pesticides.

Health/Fitness & Comfort:

We put the safety and health of our customers first at all times. We ensure that you are physically fit and your appetite for endurance is at a good shape before moving any further. Our itinerary is only designed after considering all the physical aspects of our customer so that we do not face any complications on the way. We highly recommend our customers to visit their own personal doctors before any high altitude trips rather than reading or listening to someone else’s experience. However, Mt. Kailash being a luxury tour does not require a specific level of physical fitness. For the 3 days parikarma around Mt. Kailash, we recommend you to do a little walking, stretching, jogging or regular exercises that help build up your stamina and that will be enough to successfully complete this tour. Travelers with any type of cardiac or respiratory problems should consult a doctor and if they join the trip, that’ll be at their own risk and the company will not be responsible for any accidents (if occurs).


The equipment used in the trek is well checked for its quality and functioning to ensure a safe and comfortable trek. The quality of sleeping bags and down jackets along with other useful equipment are properly checked before handing it out to the trekkers. Our company is also very sensitive towards our own staff’s needs, so the guides and porters who accompany our customers are also provided with a proper trekking clothes. However, we highly recommend you to get your travel insurance ready before any trip.


Years of organizing pilgrimage tours have given us the opportunity to build good connections and long-standing relationships with the lodges, hotels, guest houses and inns on the way to Kailash. From the five star hotels in Kathmandu and Lhasa to very simple accommodations in Kailash region, our good connection with them has made us confident on the types of facilities and quality services that these hotels provide to our customers.

Responsible Travel:

As seen in the global context, tourism has an immense impact on the environment. Alpine Eco Trek strongly believes in benefitting economically as well as socially. Therefore, our trips are specially designed keeping into consideration on the littlest details on the impacts of our trip that might have negative impacts on the environment. For example, we provide our staffs and customers with quality jackets that subsequently helps minimize the use of campfires. We also promote the local authentic restaurants to buy most of our foods and we consider staying at the locally run guesthouse with eco-friendly practices as our first priority during the trek. This behavior encourages local entrepreneurs to adopt minimum-impact methods and provide eco-sensitive services.

Alpine Eco Trek believes in promoting eco-friendly tourism benefitting both environment and the local culture of the region, which will help preserve the essence of the Holy Mountain.

Further Information:
Our Website contains every information on the Mount Kailash and Tibet Tours and Treks. However, if you have any queries regarding the trip, please feel free to contact us anytime. We answer all inquiries within 24 hours. If you want to book a trip, you can send us an email or contact us directly by phone: 0977 98510 36844 (Ram Kumar Adhikari).