Kailash Tour Information

Mount Kailash is a black peak in the Kailash Range, which forms part of the Transhimalaya in Tibet China. It lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia: the Indus River, the Sutlej River, the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River. Mt. Kailash is considered a sacred place in four religions: Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The mountain lies near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal in Tibet.

Estimate for additional activities in Kailash tour:

  • Horse for personal ride on Kora days is approx USD 300 per person
  • Extra ride for day trip to Astapad USD 40 per person
  • Extra day in Kathmandu USD 50 per person with 2 meals and standard accommodations.
  • Muktinath trip USD 650 per person including two nights in Pokhara, one night Jomsom round trip flight with meal, transport.

Packing list of Kailash trekking Tour:

  • Small bag pack for 3 days trekking/Parikarma/ Kora around Mount Kailash
  • Sufficient warm clothing including warm down jacket for Kailash tour.
  • essential medicines (for minor injuries / life saving kits)
  • Any regular medicines that you have been prescribed
  • Toiletries kit (shop, Shampoo, Toothpaste, tooth brush)
  • Water bottle /Thermos flask for hot water (2litters bottle)
  • Hiking shoes good for walking 3 days Kailash Kora/trekking
  • Woolen gloves, Woolen socks (minimum 4 pairs), hand clove
  • Wool / Thermo cot undergarments, wind and water proof jacket
  • T-Shirt, long shirt and pants which is easier to be while doing trekking 
  • Sunglasses, Sun lotion/cold cream, Torch light, rain coat
  • Umbrella, walking stick, Sandal for use evening & morning
  • Sweets, Zinger / garlic candies or dry fruits, lozenges, etc…

Cancelation Policy of Alpine Eco Trek for Kailash Tour:

Cancellation made up to 45 days before the trip departure will incur a 10% fee of the total trip cost
Cancellation made up to 30 days before the trip departure will incur a 25% fee of the total trip cost
Cancellation made up to 7 days before the trip departure will incur a 50% fee of the total trip cost
Cancellation made less than1week before departure or upon arrival in KTM will be charged full price.

Essential information for Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar Tour:


We suggest you to apply for Medical Insurance, covering emergency evacuation and all medical expenses are must for Kailash and Mansarovar tour. So, please be insured before starting the holy journey to the Heavenly Abode of Lord Shiva.


Normally, at higher altitude area in Tibet including Kailash and Manasarover Lake, the amount of oxygen is less. Certain illness such as loss of appetite, mild headache, nausea, tiredness, breathlessness, general uneasiness, high irritability, light loss of balance, disorientation, incoherence and insomnia etc may be induced in the windy weather and high altitude area which generally is not encountered over the plains.

This kind of symptoms can be seen in anyone irrespective of their age, sex and physical fitness. Tranquilizers, sleeping dose and strong anti-biotic must be avoided during Kailash tour and gradual acclimatization is the most and best solution for these symptoms while some of them may also be indicating the readjusting of our body to new environments. Here are some best advices that you should consciously follow to avoid such risks.

  • Rest, Breathe easy, climb down, do not apply, be excited
  • Speak less, Observe silence with smiling every time if possible
  • Walk at your own speed– adopt one third of your speed and space.
  • Take 10 minutes rest after each 30 minutes walk, keep your load light
  • Stop immediately whenever you feel uncomfortable and relax for a while.
  • Do not engage yourself in outbursts of fellow pilgrims, avoid arguments.
  • Too high and too fast are both harmful. So follow guide’s advices
  • Never proceed with an empty stomach and consume plenty of liquids and quality snacks
  • Enjoy your favorite music, Bhajans, chanting etc in the earphone and you can chant a prayer or visualize everything around to suit your pleasant thoughts.
  • It is better to be over clothed than under protected to avoid catching a cold.
  • Bathing or drinking water from Lake Streams or rivers en-route should be avoided as your system is not habituated for this.
  • Avoid dust and direct sunshine during the long stretches of driving. Face, feet and hands must be well protected.
  • The jagged ground, steep slope and slushy banks are full of potholes. Be careful while walking and sightseeing together.
  • Always be in group and follow your guide or the one with experience.
  • Over exertion is to be avoided. Heavy warm clothing is most during winter.


This is not an adventure climbing, expedition or strenuous trek, it is a normal tour; therefore no specific level of fitness is required. Anybody can join this tour if they think themselves fit and have strong willpower. People suffering from cardiac or respiratory problems should consult their doctor before joining the trip. Start morning and evening walks, jogging, stretching, meditation and regular exercise make the journey comfortable for all.

1. We suggest you to examine yourself from your doctor for this Tour/ Journey.
2. Start excursing your body by walking, jogging, doing yoga and other breathing exercise to accomplish the tour successfully as you  will have to travel in high altitude area of Mount Kailash.


No helicopter rescue in Tibet, only land transportation is there for the emergency rescue in even Kailash as no any helicopter is allowed in any part of Kailash and Tibet even in case of an emergency rescue.


During your stay in Kathmandu, we will provide you any kind of accommodation as per your needs. You can have a single, or double or family room in Kathmandu. We select the best categories of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Kathmandu. But accommodation in Kailash region is will be very basic. You must adjust in simple guest houses and mud houses. Group sharing rooms are available at every place. Four people in minimum should stay in one room with separate beds and warm blankets. Most of the places, there is no attached bathroom. We can find few nice accommodations in Nyalam, Dongba, Darchen on the way in Kailash, which we can provide as per your request, with extra cost.


We will provide transportation for Kailash tour depending on group size like if there are below 5 we provide a Jeep, if 5 to 08 we provide a Van, if 08 to 16 we provide two vans, if above 16 up to 25 people we prove a deluxe bus.

Food during your stay in Kathmandu is provided in package at the same hotel where you stay. Food in Kailash tour package is all vegetarian. Alpine Eco Trek’s staff will serve you hot meal at every day breakfast, lunch and dinner on the way in Kailash tour. You will get packed lunch while at Kailash Circuit (trekking/ Kora). You can also bring some of your favorite dry foods along the tour.  


Since our establishment, Alpine Eco Trek and Expedition (P) Ltd is a pioneer operator of Kailash and Manasarovar tours. We have dozens of regular and trained staff engaged for a regular service. Extremely professional and experienced tour leader, cook, helpers and other first aid treatment trained guides will be there in your group to serve you and make your trip a memorable one! 


Extra personal expenses may include Horse, personal helper (porter) for 3 days Kailash trekking/Parikarma/ Kora, personal expenses, Shopping, Telephone, Extra activities and Emergency rescue, Tibet group visa splitting from groups.


A. You cannot bring any books, magazine, pictures about Tibet, Buddhism or about any Lama’s. Custom of China won’t allow entering with those kinds of books. They will destroy or store themselves.

B. Please do not bring any fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, liquids like Ghee, Oils because these stuffs are not allow entering from Chinese custom at Kodari, Lhasa Airport and Hilsa (Simikot) .

C. Taking pictures, video in Chinese customs, Army and police station is extremely prohibited.

D. Follow the instruction of your guide while facing the inquiries and checking in every customs and check post. (Alpine Eco Trek’s guide will give you instruction from first day)

E. Please be gentle and polite and co-operative with every Nepali and Tibetan staffs.


A Small and light day bag, Water bottle / hot water thermos flask (1 /2/3 liter).


(20 Celsius to min. -16 degrees Celsius), one should prepare accordingly. As the temperature varies greatly between day and night (from max. + 20 degrees)

Bring the following items with you:
Woolen gloves, Balaclava, Sun hat, Thermal wear, Water bottle, Woolen socks, Towel, Light Jacket, Sunglasses, Sun cream, Torch with extra batteries/bulbs, Muffler, Mask, Raincoat, Sweater, Shirt/T-shirt & hiking shoes.


Comfortable sports shoes/trainers (Good one Nike, Adidas, etc...), carry extra pair too and a pair of light Sleepers. Sandal for use evening/morning at hotel/guesthouse.


A. Toiletries kit (Soap, Shampoo, Tooth brush, Toilet rolls, Towels for tour etc).
B. Sun screen lotion/cream/cold cream, facial tissues, wet one (if needed yourself)


 Torch light, lighter, batteries, Plastic Mugs/Knife (If necessary yourself), Face masks/Dusk masks

I. Your regular medicines if you are taking according your Doctor
II. Dark Sunglasses, good for while crossing Drolma la pass
II. Your favorite dry foods including Nuts, biscuits Kapoor /Vicks/Inhaler etc
IV. Camera/Binoculars/Extra batteries


1. Full first aid kit (typical backpacking kit for minor injuries/AET guides will also carry).
2. Diamox Aspirin/pain killer medicine, Lip balm/ Vaseline/ Mustard oil, Plasters
3. Salt, Vicks for sore throats, chewing gums, Mints


Minimum 35 days advance booking is required to arrange Kailash permit and visa approval and issue Travel permit. We suggest you to deposit to pay USD 400 per person for foreign passport holders of the tour booking payment in advance by bank transfer.

Further Information:
Our website contains as much information as possible about Mount Kailash & Tibet Tours and Treks. However, if you have any questions regarding trip, please feel free to contact us. We answer all enquiries within 24 hours. If you want to book a trip, you can send us an email or contact us directly by phone: 0977 98510 36844 (Ram Kumar Adhikari).